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All articles in this issue of the ConstructionRisk.Com Report, unless otherwise indicated, are written by J. Kent Holland, a construction lawyer located in Tysons Corner, Virginia, (formerly with Wickwire Gavin, P.C. and now with Construction Risk Counsel, PLLC) representing design professionals, contractors and project owners. He is admitted to practice law in Virginia and Maryland. He is also president of ConstructionRisk, LLC, a consulting firm providing consulting services to owners, design professionals, contractors and attorneys on construction projects. He provides the construction risk management website (, and publishes Report with 8 to 12 issues per year, as a complimentary newsletter providing case notes, articles and commentary on risk management issues concerning construction projects. He may be reached at or by calling 703-623-1932. Permission is granted to reprint or republish any article herein that is authored by Mr. Holland, provided that attribution to the author and publication (including website address) is given and the issue is cited in the following format: Report, Vol. 12 No. 7 (Nov 2010), J. Kent Holland, Report (April 2017)

  • A1 - CGL Coverage for Consequential Damages to Condo Resulting from Rain Intrusion Allegedly Caused by Subcontractor’s Work
  • A2 - Indemnification Clause Required Indemnification Only for Damages Caused by Indemnitor
  • A3 - Undocumented Immigrant Entitled to Access to Court to Pursue Personal Injury Action against Contractor
  • A4 - Construction Manager is not Additional Insured under Contractor’s CGL policy Despite Owner/Prime Contract Requiring Contractor to Name CM as Additional Insured
  • A5 - Engineer has no Affirmative Duty to Supervise Jobsite Safety Absent Contract Language or Conduct Report (March 2017)

  • A1 - Contractor Under a GMP Contract Cannot Make Indemnification Claim against Engineer for Inaccurate Design Documents that Caused Extra Costs where there was no Third Party Claim
  • A2 - Prime Contractor not Liable for Injuries of Subcontractor’s Employee where Prime Retained no Control of Individual’s Work
  • A3 - Project Owner Not Liable for Injuries of Employee of Contractor Report (February 2017)

  • A1 - Notice of Claim Requirement Flows Down from Prime Agreement and is Strictly Applied to Disallow Subcontractor Claim
  • A2 - “No-Damages-for-Delay” Clause Enforced Even If Project Ineptly Planned and Managed
  • A3 - Contractor’s Tortious Interference Judgment against County Engineer Reversed because Engineer Acted Within Scope of Contract
  • A4 - Insurance Carrier Not Liable to Homeowner for Injuries and Damages Allegedly Caused by Defective Repairs Performed by a Contractor Recommended by Carrier
  • A5 - Project Owner May Lose Right to Use A/E’s Copyrighted Documents Due to Failure to Pay Invoices

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