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ConstructionRisk.com Report – March 2015 Issue

  • A1 - Contractor’s Duty to Seek Clarification of Ambiguity in Specifications; Architect’s Decision on Dispute is Final
  • A2 – Implied Warranty of Habitability Extends only to Original Purchaser of Home, says Pennsylvania Supreme Court
  • A3 - Civilian BCA Accepts Jurisdiction over Contract Interpretation Issue and Grants Declaratory Relief Entitling Contractor to Suspend

J. Kent Holland, Esq., publisher and content provider, is a construction lawyer with ConstructionRisk Counsel, PLLC, whose legal and consulting practices emphasize construction, federal procurement, and environmental law, as well as construction risk management.

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Design-Build Lessons Learned:  Module 5

Comply with Plans & Specifications (Even if you wrote them); Prescriptive Design Specs versus Performance Specs. This session focuses on the importance of complying with the specifications even if you wrote them.  We also review the differences in responsibilities when specs are performance based versus detailed design specs. View the entire course here.


Contracts for Design Professionals Module 1

Discussion of the following contract clauses: Advertising, Americans with Disabilities Act, As-Built Drawings, Certifications, Compliance with Law, and Changes in Services.  View the entire course here.


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