Design Build Risk Management – 1

Module 1 in Design Build Risk Management -Lessons Learned. Kent Holland discusses the different roles and responsibilities of owners, contractors and design professionals in Design-Build as compared to Design-Bid-Build. Continuing Education Presentation by Kent Holland, Construction Risk, LLC.

Design / Build Lessons Learned – 2

Part 2 of an 8 part series of videos addressing Design / Build Lessons Learned. Presented by Kent Holland, J.D. of ConstructionRisk, LLC. This module covers forming the design-build team and includes a discussion of teaming agreements and joint venture agreements.

Design / Build Lessons Learned – 3

This is module 3 of the Design / Build Lessons Learned course and includes 3 lessons. Lesson 3 – Documenting the Agreement Between the Parties; Lesson 4 – Responsibility for Code Compliance; and Lesson 5 – Differing Site Conditions Claims.

Design / Build Lessons Learned – 4

This video session of Design-Build Lessons Learned includes Lesson 6 – “Contract Language is Important: Ignore it at your own peril!” The focus is on contract terms and conditions, including notice requirements, claim requirements, indemnification, limitation of liability, liquidated damages, and change order approval requirements.

Design / Build Lessons Learned – 5

Design-Build 5-Lessons Learned, by Kent Holland, ConstructionRisk, LLC presents Lesson 7 – “Comply with Plans & Specifications (Even if you wrote them).” It addresses prescriptive Design Specs versus Performance Specs. This session focuses on the importance of complying with the specifications even if you wrote them.

Design / Build Lessons Learned – 6

This is module 6 of 8 of Design-Build Lesson Learned by Kent Holland, ConstructionRisk, LLC. It covers Lesson 8 – Owner’s Implied Warranty of the Bridging Documents; Lesson 9 – Design-Builder Must Seek Clarification of Ambiguous Specifications (patent and latent ambiguities); Lesson 10 – Acceptance of Design Changes Proposed by Design-Builder Does Not Make Owner Liable for Defects.

Design / Build Lessons Learned – 7

Module 7 of 8 of Design-Build Lessons Learned, a video continuing education course by Kent Holland, ConstructionRisk, LLC. This video covers these lessons: Indemnification Obligations Can be Costly, Designer Becomes Liable to Contractor, Site Safety Responsibility, Payment and Licensing.

Design / Build Lessons Learned – 8

This video covers “Ownership of Plans and Specifications” and “Insurance for the Design-Build Parties”. This is module 8 of 8 of the Design-Build Lessons Learned course by Kent Holland, ConstructionRisk, LLC.

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