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This website by J. Kent Holland, principal of ConstructionRisk, LLC, is published as a free construction risk management resource. The top menu bar includes drop down menus with numerous articles, papers, and continuing education materials.  The sidebar provides a Search box to research legal and risk management topics that have been discussed in our Report since 1999.  The Topics covered include professional liability, indemnification clauses, duty to defend, standard of care, warranties, construction defects, site safety, payment provisions, design-build, construction management (CM) contracts, litigation lessons learned, and much more.

a/e ProNet Short (5 to 7 minute) Risk Management Videos for Design Professionals

a/e ProNet has released a series of educational risk management videos, presented as part of the Association’s mission to provide an independent source of professional liability insurance information and risk management resources for the design industry. I was privileged to have the opportunity to present two of these short (and I mean short) videos. Other presenters include attorneys Bruce Furukawa, David Ericksen, Terry McShane, and Laurie Randolf. Videos include:

Limitation of Liability

Site Safety – Design Professional’s Role and Responsibility

See all the short educational videos here.

Negligence Claim against Architect Governed by Malpractice Rather than Contract Statute of Limitations

Architect had contracted with a College District to perform services in accordance with “all applicable ... codes, laws, regulations, and professional standards, consistent with the standard of care of an architect experienced in California schools and college design.” The District sued the architect alleging that the services fell below the professional standard of care and that this also...

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Malpractice Statute of Limitations applies to Breach of Contract Claims asserting Negligent Supervision but Indemnification Obligations Extend Time for Filing Suit

Statute of Limitations for causes of action for negligent supervision and breach of engineering contract are both deemed professional malpractice claims subject to a three year statute of limitations for negligence actions, and began to run when firm completed its services.  A separate cause of action on a contractual indemnification claim, however, was governed by the six year statute of...

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