Newsletter Videos Archives | Construction Risk Report – October 2013 video edition

Four articles include:
(1) Construction Manager Did not Breach Fiduciary Duty; (2) Subcontractor can sue Project Owner and a corporate officer individually for negligent misrepresentation; (3) AIA Contract Clause Setting Time Limit to Bring Suit After Substantial Completion Upheld; and (4) A/E Statutory Duty to Safeguard Public Safety and Welfare Does not Establish a Duty of Care Owed to Specific Condominium Purchasers.

August 2013 Report – Video

Video edition by Kent Holland.

The four articles include:  (1) Contribution Claim by Contractor’s Insurance Carrier against Architect as a Joint Tortfeasor; (2) Payments by Prime Contractor to Subcontractor in Contravention to Assignment Agreement Requiring Payment to Bank, Entitles Bank to Recover on Every Misdirected Check Even Though Significantly Exceeding Actual Damages; (3) Statute of Limitations for Filing Equitable Indemnity Claim Accrues Only When Party Seeking Indemnity Has Been Served a Complaint Giving Rise to the Indemnity Claim; and (4) Contractor’s CGL Insurance Carrier Must Pay Attorney’s Fees Awarded to Plaintiff against Insured Despite No Coverage for the Compensatory Damages that Were Awarded.