Press Release:  April 3, 2007

Women Construction Owners & Executives, USA recently installed its new Board of Directors and adopted an aggressive agenda for the coming year.  WCOE , USA is a national trades association representing women business owners and policy making executives in the construction industry.

The newly elected Board of Directors is a diverse and determined group of women business owners, associates and executives.  The following is a list of the newly elected national officers: Deborah E.G. Wilder, President, Contractor Compliance and Monitoring, Inc., Bay Area, CA; Arnice Lamb, Senior Vice-President, The Walt Disney Company, Anaheim, CA; Theresa Kern, MA Steel Erectors, Chicago; Kristine Lindsey, Secretary, CEI Group, Howell, MI; Dorothy Erickson, Treasurer, East Bay California; Judy F. Grammer, Southeast Region Director, Grammer Construction Co., Georgia; Gina Raffin, Central Region Director, Scale Construction, Inc., Chicago; Nancy Goshow, Eastern Region Director, Goshow Architects, New York, New York; Ellen Everitt, Western Region Director, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA; Caryn Boisen, National Associate Director At Large, Larson – King, St. Paul, MN.

The new Board of Directors adopted a plan which focuses on expanded services to individuals and a greater presence in the Washington D.C. area as an advocate on Women Business Issues.  “The model of monthly dinner meetings used in the 1980’s and 1990’s is no longer viable.  Business owners are too busy, but they still need the information and connection that WCOE provides,” says newly elected President, Deborah Wilder from California .

WCOE , USA in addition to its national meetings is now focusing on regional meetings and bringing services directly to their members through electronic bulletin boards and webinars.  Newly elected Vice-President, Theresa Kern owner of MA Steel Erectors in Chicago , supports the new focus, “We are also seeking to promote and encourage our members to serve on local, statewide and national boards to have a more positive impact on the industry.”

WCOE , USA recently submitted testimony to Congress on the Federal Government Efforts in Contracting with Women Business Centers.  WCOE , USA considers itself the advocate and voice for women business owners and executives in the construction industry.  For more information, please contact Executive Director, Shannon Schaeffer at 800-788-3548, email:, or visit the website:

Shannon Schaeffer
Executive Director
Women Construction Owners & Executives, USA
P: 800-788-3548