the winning way

The Winning Way – A Spiritual Journey to a Life of Success and Significance

By Kent Holland
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This book is one about spiritual journey — about moving out of the frustration and emptiness of worldly success and into a life of significance and purpose. Although the author spent his youth in Christian church, he fell far from any spiritual walk during his years in college and as an adult. But just when he decided that trying to be a good Christian was impossible, a homeless man in a train station asked him “Will you feed me?” As a result on answering “Yes,” the author was introduced to genuine spiritual life – to life itself. Life with purpose and meaning. Life worth living. And a story with sharing.

Each of the twelve chapters is concluded with personal reflection questions as well as challenging small group discussion questions. The discussion guide is ideal for small group or class study. Chapter titles include: “Touched by a Homeless Man,” “Successful but Unsatisfied,” “Giving Up,” Find our Purpose in Life,” “Transformed God’s Way,” “Letting the Holy Spirit Take Charge,” Where’s the Fruit,” “Prayer – Key to the Good Life,” “What’s Love Got to Do with It?” “Powered Up to Overcome Temptation,” “Sharing the Good Life,” and “Winning Instead of Whining.”